Why has Angela written a blog about Sicily? She hasn't even been there! Well, this Angela hasn't, but my fellow Cariad author, Angela Petch has. As you know, I occasionally share a blog with fellow authors, featuring books that I believe my readers would also enjoy, and today we have one of those blogs. I have read a few of Angela's books, and have loved them, mainly because you can feel the love of the place and characters in her writing. For example, The Girl Who Escaped was based on the life of her Italian husband's grandfather during the years of WW2 and was truly fascinating.

On April 23rd 2024, her new book, The Sicilian Secret, was published.  Again, the location is so important to Angela, and here she shares a little of it with us in an excerpt from The Sicilian Secret.

Savio stopped, placing his burden down on the path, shielding his eyes with both hands. The sight was like nothing he’d ever seen. Colourful succulents clung to the side of tufa rocks; butterflies danced their way from plant to plant. The openings invited exploration. The place was primeval, menacing and alluring at the same time. He itched to draw the sights on which his eyes were feasting but he was sure he could never do it justice.

‘Where are we?’ he asked.

‘They call it Pantalica.’ She shrugged. ‘There’s nothing here save wild animals and one or two abandoned huts. You might see an occasional shepherd, but you’ll be safe here.

Acropolis/Necropolis, Pantalica Gorge 1975

Angela, how did you come to include this in your new book?

This Sicilian location appears towards the end of my new book but the place has been etched in my memory for over fifty years when I worked on the island. So, when I returned to Pantalica with my husband last spring on a research trip, it was inevitable that this desolate spot (now a UNESCO SITE) should creep into the story as the solution to a missing link.

Well, it sounds like a fascinating place, and although Sicily has always been on my list of places to visit, it's certainly moved up a few notches! Thank you Angela.

Research Trip to Pantalica, 2023

You can get your copy of The Sicilian Secret here. Or you can get the audio version on the following links: UK and US.

A bit about Angela Petch:

Published by Bookouture, Angela Petch is an award-winning writer of fiction – and the occasional poem.

Every summer she moves to Tuscany for six months where she and her husband own a renovated watermill which they sometimes let out. When not exploring their unspoilt corner of the Apennines, she disappears to her writing desk at the top of a converted stable. In her Italian handbag or hiking rucksack she always makes sure to store notebook and pen to jot down ideas.

The winter months are spent in Sussex where most of her family live. When Angela’s not helping out with grandchildren, she catches up with writer friends.

Angela’s gripping WWII novels set in Italy are published by Bookouture, while her novel, Mavis and Dot, was self-published and tells of the frolics and foibles of two best-friends who live by the seaside. Angela also writes short stories published in Prima and People’s Friend.

You can also find and follow her here:

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